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    An inclusive set of financial tools

    International Transfers
    Debit Cards
    Cash Pick-up

    We take care of everything, we only need a few key informations to deliver your transfer

    To send

    You will need a valid ID, a bank account and your recipient's phone number.

    To receive

    After you have created your KometPay account, choose whether to save in USDC or send funds to your bank account.

    Bank account

    Transfer your funds to your local bank account within hours

    USDC Wallet

    With USDC you get the same stability that you would have with a USD account, but will all the processing speed and convenience of the USDC.

    Debit cards

    Get in line for your own KometPay debit cards and you will be able to spend directly your funds anywhere VISA is accepted

    We make sure that the recipient has plenty of options to get their money

    Our focus on accessibility means that you'll never have to worry about complicated procedures or long wait times. Whether you're sending money to family or paying for goods and services, KometPay is your solution for fast, reliable, and convenient transfers. That's why we've created a platform that gives you multiple options to receive your money. With our cash out partners in Colombia, you can easily withdraw your funds in cash at any of our locations. If you prefer a bank transfer, you can easily transfer funds to a Colombian bank account, and if you'd like to keep your money in your KometPay wallet, you have the option to do so.

    KometPay creates a new way to send money back home and keeps everything essential with quick setups

    Get answers to common questions about KometPay

    How safe is KometPay?

    With KometPay your funds are always in your control. We never withhold your funds upon receiving a transfer order or use them in any way other than delivering them to your desired destination. Plus, we never share your personal data with any third party company

    Do I need a bank account to use KometPay?

    Yes, our first version requires our users to own a bank account to disburse the received funds. However, we are working very hard to get you other payment and withdrawal methods as soon as possible, including cash.

    If I have a problem can I talk to someone?

    You can reach us at and we will reply in less than a day to personally follow you in your query.

    How long does it take for my transfer to be received?

    Our settlement times can take few hours, but we are currently working to get you instant settlements, with no extra cost.

    What is USDC?

    USDC is a digital dollar, that’s available 24/7 and moves at internet speed. Every USDC can always be exchanged 1:1 for USD. To read more about USDC, click here.

    Does my recipient need to have a Colombian bank account?

    We recommend the recipient to have a bank account in Colombia in case they want to transfer the USDC to Colombian pesos. Both users should have a registered KometPay account and in our first version we are only able to transfer to a bank account or digital wallet. However, we will make available direct bank transfers and cash withdrawals too. 

    An easy tool to manage your funds between the USA and Latin America

    With multiple options for receiving your funds, a user-friendly platform, and a commitment to accessibility, KometPay makes sending and receiving money like never before.

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